Getting To Know Dr. Charlie Barton/Barton Street Dental

This month we are pleased to speak with Dr. Charlie Barton of Barton Street Dental. Barton Street Dental is a general dental office that offers dental services including routine cleanings, root canals, partials, crowns, dental implants and restorations. The office has two dentists, Dr. Charlie Barton and his wife, Dr. Mickey Bui as well as a dedicated staff. Barton Street Dental is located at 21 Barton Street in Bradford Village, Vermont. They can be reached at (802) 222-5777 or visit them at their WEB site at

How long has your dental practice been in operation in Bradford? I assume it is no coincidence that your last name is Barton and the street is also named Barton?
The practice was started by my father, Dr. James Barton in 1964 across the street, and later moved to the current location. I started at the practice in January 1994 and my wife Mickey started around 2008. She phased in as my dad phased out for retirement. My wife and I met in Dental School, which is the last place I expected to meet someone.

Barton Street is named for my grandfather Charles Barton, who was a Greek immigrant who ran a popular restaurant in town called The Chimes Restaurant. It was located where Swenson Insurance is today. He owned all the buildings on Barton Street at one point as well as the building where Hill’s Five and Dime used to be. He was also instrumental in helping to fund the rebuilding of some of the area buildings that were destroyed by fire. His original last name was Boubaros but the family changed it to Barton to sound more American.

How did you get started as a dentist? Did you work with your father in the office?
I kind of made up my own mind to be a dentist. I did a post-graduate externship after high school with a doctor in Brattleboro. I later attended the University of Vermont and Tufts School of Dental Medicine. Prior to joining the practice, I never really worked in my father’s office doing anything related to dentistry. I just cleaned it. My dad never really had me come in to watch him work but I liked that he was his own boss and still had time to go to basketball games, set his own hours, etc.

Barton Street Dental has been around quite a long time. Do you have employees and patients who have been here a long time too?
I have some patients who have been coming since 1964 when my dad started the practice. I’m also starting to see “kids of kids.” All our employees have been here at least ten years. One of our dental hygienists has been here twenty-five years. I’ve only been here twenty-three years myself!

What do you like best about being a dentist?
I like being able to serve the people in our community. The people are the reason I do it. I really wanted to be part of the community and not some kind of highfalutin dentist that people are uncomfortable going to. It’s fun to interact with our patients. We try to make it as enjoyable a place as possible but even though we’re lighthearted, we’re still very serious about our jobs. Also, I like that the job allows me flexible hours and allows me time to coach. I’ve been coaching soccer since 1993/94 and really enjoy it. It allows me to interact with kids and teach them things they may not be getting at home or in school.

Any dental advice for our readers?
Just to take good care of your teeth because they are a vital part of your overall health. The teeth are tied to the rest of the body. You need to have healthy teeth so that you are able to eat a healthy diet