Getting To Know…..Newbury Service Center

                                          Corey McIntire

We were pleased to speak with Cory McIntire of Newbury Service Center in Newbury, Vermont.  Newbury Service Center is a full service automobile repair center located at 24 Cross Street, one block off the green in Newbury, Vermont. 

Q. When/how did you you start your business?
A.  I bought the business from the previous owner, Brandon Boudreau back in 2009.  I worked for him for three years prior to buying it.  I started out working for him a couple of days a week and before you knew it I was running it for him.  Prior to that, I was a carpenter and also worked for the State Highway Department, the town of Bradford and at a brass mill for a few years.
Q. Are you from the area and/or what brought you to Newbury?
A.  I have lived in the area since 1995.  I am originally from Illinois but my wife is from Bradford, Vermont.  We met while she was in school in Kentucky.  I was in the Army and was stationed at Fort Campbell.  We decided that Kentucky was not for us and we wanted to move back to this area of Vermont.
Q.  What are your biggest business challenges?
A.  I have two key challenges.  One is the limit on space in my current location.  The building is grandfathered in but there is not much room to expand due to zoning laws.  My other challenge is getting people to know I am here since I am located off the main road although I do have a good core group of customers from the area.
Q.  Any recommendations for customers as winter approaches?
A.  Definitely put snow tires on your car.  Also, if you are trying to keep the car for a long time, you should have an undercoating added each fall.  It helps significantly to prevent rust.
Q.  Are there any services you provide that might surprise folks?
A.  I would like to get more into restoration of old cars.  That is a service I can provide in addition to the normal auto repair services.