Getting to Know June Griswold/Placey Associates

Peter Conrad and June Griswold of Placey Associates

We were pleased to speak with June Griswold of Placey Associates in Wells River, Vermont. Placey Associates is located just before the Veterans Memorial Bridge leading to Woodsville, NH. Placey Associates handles residential and commercial sales and also offers both buyer and seller brokerage services in both Vermont and New Hampshire. June can be reached at (802) 757-2211.

Q. When did you come to own Placey Associates and why is it not called Griswold Associates?

A. Clayton Placey owned the business originally and he had been in the real estate business for 40-50 years. I started as an agent with him when it was called Strout Realty. It later was United Realty, United National Realty and then Clayton purchased an ERA Agency. Another company eventually bought ERA and he decided to go out on his own as Placey Associates. I bought the business from him in December of 1994. I couldn’t find a new name I liked that would work in both Vermont and New Hampshire. All the names I thought of were being used or a similar name was being used by someone else. I was running out of time so I decided just to stay as Placey Associates.

Q. Can you tell us about any memorable or unusual sales you have had over the years?

A. Well, my first sale was the Speck building in the Newbury Industrial Park where Bread & Chocolate is now. It was unique because it was my first sale and was such a big sale.

Also, Clayton Placey originally sold the P&H Truck Stop property for George Pratt to Nelson Baker and his partners. I later sold the same property for Nelson Baker back to George Pratt. The property was later sold by George Pratt to Champlain Oil.

Q. How about memorable people? Any interesting customers you can comment on?

A. One time we did have an elderly disheveled man come in with a junky van who expressed interest in buying property. At the time, I had an agent who refused to deal with him. My dad taught me when I was young that you treat people the same whether they have five cents or five million dollars. He ended up paying $150,000 cash for a property and my former agent was kicking herself for prejudging him. Back then, homes were selling for $30,000 to $40,000.

Q. Since you sell real estate in both New Hampshire and Vermont, are there big differences between the states in regards to real estate?

A. Vermont has quite a few more restrictions. In Vermont, you are not allowed to put Sold, Sale Pending, Price Reduction or other signs on the property. We also have restrictions due to Act 250 and Land Gains taxes if you hold the property for less than six years. In New Hampshire, they are not so restrictive.

Q. Are there any services your agency provides that people may be surprised to hear about?

A. We do offer buyer brokerage services and can provide a buyer’s agent to help you with your purchases. People don’t realize this service doesn’t cost them anything. The commission on the sale is split between the buyers agent and seller’s agent. With the Multiple Listing Service, we can show anyone’s listing. We also do a lot of market analysis and we do not charge for that service.