Cohase Passport Program

We are excited at the prospect of introducing a new regional marketing program this Fall, which we are tentatively calling the “Cohase Passport Program.”  Although we are still working out the final details, we wanted to check with our members to confirm if they would find such a program valuable and if they would be willing to participate.
How would this program work?
The basics of the program would include the following:
  • A “Cohase Passport” game card would be created which would include “squares” for the various participating member businesses.
  • Participants would bring the “passport” to participating businesses and get a unique “passport” stamp from each business they visit.  No purchase would be required.
  • Completed passports would be entered into a drawing for prizes (tentatively $500 and $100.) The prizes will likely be in the form of Chamber gift certificate(s) which can be redeemed at any of the participating businesses.
  • A minimum number of stamps will be required to be entered into the drawing.  However, the more businesses visited, the larger the number of entries.  (For example, if 40 businesses participate, the participant might receive one entry for every 10 stamps completed.)
  • The program will likely run for the month of September.
Is this program only appropriate for retail establishments?
Absolutely not!  We anticipate that this program will be not only valuable to retail businesses but also for any business which would benefit from increased customer exposure.  In addition to classic retail outlets, we anticipate participation by service providers, banks, insurance agencies, real estate firms, accommodation providers, fitness centers, restaurants, non-profits, health care providers and other businesses.  Of course, the program will not be appropriate for all member businesses but we hope it will be an exciting marketing opportunity for many.  The program would only be open to current Cohase Chamber members.
What are the major benefits if I choose to participate?
Our goal is to bring new, current and former customers into your business to actually see your business and interact with you and your staff.  Unlike awareness campaigns, you will actually be able to measure the amount of visitors to your establishment as a result of this program.  We believe that once people have made a physical connection with a business or organization, the chances of them returning and remembering to shop local are greatly increased.  We also believe the fun “game” aspect of this program will be an exciting, entertaining and non-threatening way for community members, regional residents and visitors to visit businesses they may not have thought about visiting otherwise.  During this campaign, you may also make marketing information for your business or organization available to further solidify the connection between possible customers and your business.
Is there a cost to participate?
Yes, but although there will be a cost to participate, our goal is to keep the cost low and have as much participation across our region as possible. Although we are still figuring out the specific costs involved, we anticipate the participation fee will be around $50.  The costs will help offset the prize monies, printing costs, advertising costs and other costs associated with the program.  Participating businesses who wish to be a “drop-point” for completed passports will pay a slightly higher fee for that designation, around $100.
OK.  I would like to participate.  Now what?
If you would like to participate, please email us at or call us at (802) 518-0030 to let us know.  In order for us to move forward with the program, we need to be certain we have ample participants to make the program a reality. Thank you!