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CITIZEN of the Year

The Citizen of the Year Award is presented annually to an individual that has had a significant impact on the community in the past year.

Nominations for the 2022 Citizen of the Year will be accepted through January 31, 2023. Winners are celebrated at the Cohase Chamber Annual Meeting in Febuary each year.

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Eligibility Requirements

  1. Is a resident of one of the Cohase Chamber towns of Haverhill, Piermont, Orford, Bradford, Fairlee, or Newbury.
  2. Is not a previous Citizen of the Year Award recipient (see below).
  3. Is over 18 years of age.
  4. Performs charitable works in the community.
  5. Has a substantial impact on our regional community
  6. Demonstrates inspirational leadership qualities.

Citizen of the Year Award Recipients

2022-Catherine and Tom Kidder, Newbury, VT

2021-Elizabeth Wilson and Denis Lambert of Fairlee

2020 - Carolyn & Larry Coffin, Bradford, VT
2019 - Rob Elder, Piermont, NH
2018 - Monique Priestley, Bradford, VT
2017 - Marvin Harrison, Newbury, VT
2016 - Connie Philleo and Claude Phipps, Newbury, VT
2015 - Wayne Fornier, Haverhill, NH
2014 - Dick McDanolds, Haverhill, NH
2013 - Marilyn Fuller, Newbury, VT
2012 - Edith Celley, Haverhill, NH
2011 - Nancy Jones and Dr. Mark Harris, Bradford, VT
2010 - David Keith, North Haverhill, NH


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